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What is YFM?


YFM is an indie A&R engine and social influencer music platform artists use to gain exposure from one of the largest and most respected music media organizations on social media. YFM attained over one billion video views within the first 18 months of launch and generated 14M+ new followers for artists since it all began in 2017.

With an organic growth rate of 50K+ followers every week and a monthly reach of over 200M+ music lovers worldwide, YFM is considered one of the most successfully proven avenues for independent artists to achieve great results.

The music industry took notice of our early success. As a result we integrated a world class A&R panel to offer our top artists unparalleled opportunities. These include artist deals for recording, publishing, management, touring, licensing and major brand sponsorship, in addition to YFM’s promotion to millions of fans and our living room livestream concerts.

We are passionate about discovering amazing artists deserving of global success that might not otherwise ever be heard beyond their home studio. We will never promote an artist that we can’t get behind artistically. We will never ask indie artists to pay for promotion. We charge a nominal submission fee of $4.99. There are no subscriptions, no tiered plans and no hidden costs. Super simple.

 YFM is the big break solution we’ve all been waiting for since the dawn of the internet.

You Are Here

You've recorded awesome music, uploaded it to YouTube and social media. You've distributed it around the world to the streaming platforms. Yet, you are still invisible because more music is being created today than ever, so it’s nearly impossible to break out without a machine and a mountain of money.  So, now what?

Live Recording
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YFM Promotion

With a combined reach of 50 Million + music fans from all over the world, YFM is built on 100% organic consumer growth. This means our reach and viewership is only from real people who love music. Our social media marketing services are best-in-class, enabling exponential fan base growth.

​We’ve built YFM by curating amazing talent that resonates with music fans. To join us, simply submit your content and assets for review by our world class team. It takes about 3 minutes. If we fall in love with your music, so will millions of fans. We will notify you within 30 days if your music has been accepted for promotion.

Endless Opportunities

Post promotion, we will review the metrics including fan engagement and growth. Select artists will be pitched to our partners for world class opportunities including major artist mentoring & production deals, major and indie label deals, publishing & licensing, brand sponsorships, livestreamed concerts to millions, major tour supporting spots and additional networking and promotional opportunities with YFM 20 Groups.  At this stage, you and the YFM team will be communicating daily as opportunities arise acting as your partner to success. YFM receives a 5% commission on deals we secure on behalf of Artists.

YFM is the Big Break Solution.

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meet the team


Phil Quartararo




Phil is an iconic music industry executive with an unparalleled distinguished career who has held positions that include CEO at Virgin Records, being personally recruited by Richard Branson. He was President of Warner Bros. Records and Executive VP of EMI Music and President of EMI Marketing. He is credited as being instrumental in breaking U2 in the US, while serving as Senior VP of Marketing and Promotion at Island Records. Phil Q has been crucial to the success of artists that include U2, Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins, Josh Groban, Spice Girls, Lenny Kravitz, Paula Abdul, Rolling Stones, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Wilco, Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith Hill, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, Coldplay, Norah Jones, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, RBD and Ben Harper. He has been involved with the estate catalogs of The Beatles and Frank Sinatra.  


Known as a defender of artist rights, he has spoken out on the fight against music piracy and the need to restore the value of music. He has experience in the new digital music world consulting for Shazam and Guvera and manages artists, Yoshiki and XJapan. Phil Q was Executive Producer of the PBS Series, "The Soundtrack of our Lives" and sits on the Boards of the Grammy's and RIAA. Prestigious awards include, Russell Simmon's Award for Diversity and Equality and Billboard Magazine's Music Executive of the Year in 2001. His new company, Inspiros, in partnership with Robert Cutarella (see below) has recently received two signings to major labels of their artists with music to be released later this year.





Robert Cutarella




Multiple Grammy winning producer and publisher, Robert has over 160 platinum album awards and 3K+ songs recorded. Former Director of Artist Acquisition for publishing giants Warner/Chapell and MCA, he additionally served as VP for legendary executive, John Hammond's, HME/Sony label. 


Robert has secured hits and signed and/or developed writers that include Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, The Police, Elton John, REM, Culture Club, Dolly Parton and countless others. He has worked with Warner Chapell's elite roster including Hall & Oates, Bee Gees and Jule Styne. At HME/Sony he signed and developed a diverse array of artists including: Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Fabulous T-Birds, Metallica, Raven, Celine Dion, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Van Zant and more.


To date, Robert has produced records with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Les Paul (2 Grammys), Joss Stone, Sting, Allison Krause, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, John Reznick of the Goo Goo Dolls, Keith Richards, Cyndi Lauper, Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical and many more.


Robert's career continued to evolve soliciting music for American Idol and The Voice and licensed music for hit TV series' including NCIS and Bloodline and multiple FOX TV Network series. He has recently had 4 Top 20 singles on Billboard's dance charts and launched a new company, Inspiros with Phil Q, with two recent signings to major labels: Jeremy Soule and Sal Valentinetti.




Al Risi




2019 Silver Clio recipient for "Hello Light", Volkswagen commercial, Al Risi believes music makes the memory and is the soundtrack of our lives.

This belief is the driving force behind Al’s approach to Music Supervision. With decades of experience and partners like Google, SpaceX, Volkswagen and Coca-Cola, Al navigates the music industry with the heart of the songwriter and the fiscal mind of publisher, striking that crucial balance for his clients.

In 2013, Al founded GROOVE GUILD, a full-service music company dedicated to Supervision, Original Music, Sound Design and Strategy, using words and music to tell stories for their branded partners. From collaborating with artists, to building consensus among disparate stakeholders, the team maintains strong relationships with songwriters, composers, bands, publishers, labels and management.

Al is equally at ease as a creative music supervisor as he is with negotiating and closing deals. From Al’s early days with Universal Music Group launching artists like Beck, Eminem, Counting Crows, Blink 182 & Weezer; to his music supervision and licensing career, pairing the world’s biggest brands with music legends, Al’s passion for music runs almost as deep as his love of live shows and Led Zeppelin. 





Jimmy O'Mahony



Former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Global Advertising, managing such clients as Toyota, Lexus, Visa, Sony, Ericsson and Starbucks. Exceptional executive experience in multiple markets and currently Vice Chairman of digital advisory business, Wilshire Axon and CEO of fixt.




Luciana Pegorer




Luciana Pegorer is a veteran executive of the Brazilian music industry and the global music marketplace. She has served on the Board of Merlin (2011-2019), the global digital rights agency representing over 20K indie record labels in 62 countries. Luciana organizes and curates the influential international music conference, “Music Trends Brazil”, held annually in Rio (www.musictrendsbrasil.com).


Luciana served for seven years with Warner Music Brazil, before launching her company, Delira Musica, recognized globally as a prestigious label, publisher and production company. She additionally served as President of the Brazilian Independent Music Association for six years and as an advisor to WIN.  Luciana is sought after globally as an advisor, consultant and speaker and is deeply engaged in music licensing representing LyricFind & Music2Deal in Brazil.



Tom Callahan




Tom began his career as a studio and touring musician. He served in VP label positions with I.R.S,Virgin & Enigma. Tom is currently managing the careers of emerging artists including Kaile Goh, but was responsible for the promotion and marketing success of iconic artists including Lenny Kravitz, Shania Twain, Goo Goo Dolls, Sixpence None The Richer & Rod Stewart to name a few.


As a veteran music executive, Tom is in demand as a consultant and advisor to music brands and was instrumental to the rapid success of the start up, SongTradr.




Eric Todd


Founder / US Managing Director

For the last ten years Eric has been a go-to strategic development consultant for music start-ups and well-seasoned brands in the emerging indie music market, including Songtradr, Crowdplsr & Nuhuru, while also partnered with advertising giant, JWT. In 2017, he consulted at the United Nations as part of a coalition to engage Millennials on global sustainable development goals for the planet.

As an artist, he was signed to indie labels, REX, eTHerWax & Gates Music in the Alt-Rock, Jazz and EDM genres.








Devin Lasker



VP Operations

Recognized by Alternative Press Magazine as one of their “Ten Industry Innovators / People Changing Tomorrow’s Music Industry Today.” Devin was Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Primary Wave Music Publishing, VP Marketing and Product Management at Virgin Records and a Senior Director at Arista Records.










Craig Howard



Founder / Managing Director

Craig started YFM 'Share Your Sound' in 2017 to bring his two passions together, Music and Marketing, in a way to help emerging artists gain recognition for their work. Having been successful in growing a combined 4M+ followers organically from 3 of his pages, Craig has built one of the largest music communities of engaging fans on social media.